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LiS Thought Leadership Conversations 2015


Communication and leadership Tues 14th April Lorna McCallum
A Leadership Journey Wed 10th June Kerry Falconer
Leading Transformation – Collaboration and Distributed Leadership Tues 8th September Dame Sue Bruce


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VENUE:          Edinburgh
at Badenoch and Clark, St Andrew's Square or Adam & Company, St Andrew's Square

TIME: 12 - 2pm for all events.



The 2015 Thought Leadership Conversations are focusing on
Women and Leadership.

"While I believe very strongly in equality and diversity, I am also aware that women are seriously under-represented at senior leadership levels. Following the successful experiment in 2014, we will continue to create a space and forum to encourage women to have an open discussion around leadership." Sue Mitchell, Aeona. Founder of Leaders in Scotland.

The theme for these thought leadership lunches is exploring how various aspects of leadership can make a difference for the individual leader and also for their organisation. They offer an ideal opportunity for leaders from different organisations to share ideas in an informal setting and create the potential for innovative thinking about leadership and the impact it has and could have for themselves and their own organisations.

Thought leadership is the basis of innovative change and is all about ideas and changing the way people think. Come to these lively events to explore stimulating topics relevant to leadership, with an invited speaker to open the conversation. Scotland faces challenging times and developing innovative leadership is central to engaging with these challenges, opportunities and solutions. What does this mean for you, your career and your business or organisation?

Events are held on the second Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the month from 12 - 2pm and include a buffet lunch and time for networking. The lunch is a tasty mixture of healthy 'brain' foods, including salads, fruit, and vegetarian options, or a full sit-down meal when sponsored at Adam & Company. No sandwiches! Book early to secure your place as space is limited.

The concept
Formulating ideas
Insightful points of view
Understanding issues that leaders face
Capturing ideas in various ways
Sharing ideas, knowledge and wisdom among leaders in Scotland to:
     learn and grow as leaders;
     engage in dialogue; and
     build a trusted community, through building connections and relationships.

Approximate timetable
12:00 – registration and networking, lunch starts
12:15 – introductions
12:30 – 1:45 exploring the topic of the month
13:45– 14:00 networking to finish

Tickets: £25 inc. VAT, including lunch and drinks. BOOK HERE

VENUE:          Edinburgh
Badenoch and Clarke host the Leaders in Scotland Thought Leadership Conversations in their board room, with a view across St Andrews Square and George Street to the Firth of Forth.

Adam & Company are sponsoring the Leadership Conversation in June, and will also provide a sit down meal.

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What have people said about a recent event?

"I really did enjoy the conversation and it was so great to meet other people and share ideas. The people obviously wanted to be there which meant lots of ideas bounced about and took us along different paths, which was also very good. The lunch was amazing too and the venue was a good size. "

"I totally loved the session yesterday, it was simple clear and inspired me to be an even better boss in the future. Lunch yesterday was totally perfect, thank you and there really was nothing more to be done - it was really excellent value for money and just what I needed... Thank you again and again."

"I very much enjoyed it, as I’d said beforehand I was looking to re-energise, as I felt I was very much buried in my current role, and I certainly achieved that. I thought it was organised very well, with just enough formality to avoid chaos. The group was a good size and the people were all really interesting people that I enjoyed spending my time with. I would definitely come again and recommend it to colleagues."


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Communication and Leadership

Lorna McCallum from Elephant Intelligent Communications will introduce our leadership conversation and share some of her secrets, cutting-edge thinking and personal stories gained from over 25+ years in the private sector. We will explore questions like:

How can leaders draw on communication skills to unite disparate departments, which have their own ways of doing things and their own goals, to achieve a common goal?

  • What helps to bring people together?
  • What are the best approaches to cross-departmental projects?
  • How can leaders achieve a win-win situation that everyone will want to buy into?

THANK YOU to Badenoch & Clark who are hosting this Leadership Conversation.

Venue: Badenoch & Clark, 12-2pm, 14 April 2015                 back to top



A leadership journey and lessons learnt along the way

Kerry Falconer, MD of Relationship Management at Adam & Company Bank, will introduce our leadership conversation by sharing her own leadership journey and some of the lessons she’s learnt along the way.

Her own experiences will help us explore

  • Building a career as a woman in a man’s world
  • Leading a team where their expertise is different to your own – and learning to be comfortable with it.
  • Diversity and ignoring the glass ceiling

A BIG THANK YOU to Adam & Company who are sponsoring this Leadership Conversation and will also provide a sit down meal.

Venue:   Adam & Company,  12-2pm, 10 June 2014                  back to top



Leading Transformation – Collaboration and Distributed Leadership

Dame Sue Bruce has led transformational change in a number of organisations, the most recent being City of Edinburgh Council and Aberdeen City Council before that.  She has been instrumental in providing strong and distributed leadership to move organisations from perceptions that some problem issues are not solvable to implementing changes and getting to a position of resolution. Sue also led the ‘Edinburgh Guarantee’ scheme and gained commitment from collaborating independent business partners to provide apprenticeships and honour the council’s intentions to the young people of Edinburgh.

Today Sue will open our leadership conversation to explore how we as leaders can engage others and encourage collaboration.

  • What are the most important starting points?
  • Who needs to be involved?
  • How do you get buy in?
  • How do you encourage others to take on responsibility and accountability and be committed to stick with it and deliver results?  Even if they are independent from your organisation?
  • How do you make transformation sustainable and not return to old habits?

A BIG THANK YOU to Badenoch & Clark who are hosting this Leadership Conversation.

Venue: Badenoch & Clark, 12-2pm, 8th September 2015                 back to top





More events to be posted soon.




Leaders in Scotland aims to facilitate a community of people interested in leadership through sharing, learning and networking. http://www.leadersinscotland.co.uk
Sue Mitchell, at Aeona Limited, founded and manages Leaders in Scotland.





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