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LiS Online: Authentic Leadership Development

Online group coaching sessions relevant for developing authentic leadership. These are open to all (whereas the thought leadership conversations are women only).

Currently no charge for these events.

  • March Wed 19th    6-7:30pm    Do you want to be free to focus on your priorities? Finding purpose, focus and balance in your career and life.    Recording available
  • April Thurs 10th    12:30pm    Are you celebrating your talents?   
  • May Thurs 1st    12:30pm    Discover what you really want.  
  • June Thurs 5th    12:30pm    Choosing environments where you flourish  
  • July Thurs 3rd    12:30pm    Are you bringing your talk alive?   
  • Aug Thurs 7th    12:30pm    Aligning with the person you want to be.   
  • Sep Thurs 4th    12:30pm    Do you know your core values?  
  • Oct Thurs 2nd    12:30pm    What legacy are you leaving?  
  • Nov Wed 26th    12:30pm    How can vulnerability support you to be a strong leader?    Register here
  • Dec Wed 10th    12:30pm    Are you stepping into their world? Preparing for a key interaction.    Register here

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Authentic leadership

My definition of Authentic leadership is "being true to yourself while respecting others, mindful, emotionally intelligent and unafraid of vulnerability". It is about:

  • letting others see and know who you truly are and what you stand for,
  • living your values openly and holding these guiding principles for yourself and your organisation / group / family
  • communicating your dream, or vision, in ways that others feel they belong and can contribute
  • being genuinely interested in other people's perspectives
  • listening and responding to people and the environment around you.
  • inspiring others by being the example people want to follow
  • delivering results in harmony with your values and purpose and social morals and ethics.

Losing your fear of vulnerability leads to personal strength, willingness to listen, to be humble, to admit when you are wrong or don't know, as well as to acknowledge your own strengths and those of others. It leads to teams where people welcome healthy 'conflict' where it is ok to voice disagreement and discuss it openly. If this concept is new to you, I recommend watching this TED talk on the subject by Dr Brene Brown.

Interestingly, there often seems to be an assumption you can have authentic leadership OR performance. Must there be a tradeoff? What about Authentic Leadership AND improved performance?

If authentic means leading by being a clear example, listening, empathy, integrity, creating a compelling vision, creating a supportive environment where you and your people and your organisation flourish, being true to yourself and your values, why do many people assume this has to lead to poor performance?

If being an authentic leader means you create a company in harmony with who you are and your values, ethics and authentic behaviour, why would people assume that these values, ethics and authenticity result in leadership that would reduce performance or disengage their people?

Most people find authentic leadership leads to far better engagement with your people and followers. Widespread evidence and research by Gallup and others shows significant positive impacts on the bottom line for companies and organisations that engage their people.

Authentic leadership starts with knowing yourself and being a consistent example others choose to follow. When you are being authentic, you are aligned with what you are doing, believe in the WHY of your work, and ensure it aligns with your values and taps into your personal motivators. When you are being authentic you enjoy your work!

Authentic leaders create an environment where people flourish: to work to their strengths, be challenged sufficiently, be appropriately responsible, be encouraged to learn and take appropriate risks, be heard, feel motivated and enjoy what they do. I believe work can be fun and that when you are having fun you are also more productive, and more loyal to the company, and more likely to be an ambassador for it. So there are good economic arguments for why every organisation should think about how they can ensure fun is integral in the way they work.

These online group coaching events explore some ways of becoming more authentic. It starts with raising self awareness.

Most are short 45-60 minute sessions, over lunch break, once a month. Some are longer events at other times.

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March - Do you want to be free to focus on your priorities?
Finding purpose, balance and focus for your career and life.

In this powerful coaching webinar you explore your personal priorities
and plan your path to a future you choose.

You get 5 steps to clarify your focus and explore balance in your life,
a proven powerful process to know what you really want,
hot tips to stay motivated and avoid the four most common pitfalls that could derail you.
This group coaching webinar value is £137, but cost to you today is £0.

The future is not some place we are just going,
It is some place we are creating.
It is your choice whether you create the future you want
or you stumble along some place else, being led into somebody else's future.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
These steps will get you on the path to create your own future.

Email Sue or sign up to the Newsletter for access to the recording.


April - Are you celebrating your talents?

Leaders who stay in front develop their capacity to learn and prioritise their own development and growth. Leaders who own their self development have a strong awareness of their natural talents as well as those talents they would like to acquire. Having awareness and appreciation for their own talents gives leaders a freedom and confidence that enables them to use these qualities without constraint or self- consciousness, and to coach and mentor others to learn in a similar way.

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May - Discover what you really want.

Leading is a process of creating a path that no-one has gone down before. It is a unique proactive process that is a true expression of what you really want to deliver to others and achieve for yourself. No-one else can cut out the same path as you, as no-one else has exactly the same set of desires as you. First you need to discover what they are. We can get unused to knowing what we really want if we don’t ask that question of ourselves. It’s amazing how often asking “what do I really want” gets such evasive answers. Leaders who do take time to track down the real answer find it easier to be truly authentic, find balance, be inspiring and be more influential.

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June - Do you choose environments where you flourish? 

Although leaders have the capacity to influence their circumstances wherever they are, they are also very proactive in choosing an environment that supports them. Leaders who consistently achieve what is important for themselves and for others have learned to recognise or create environments that are conducive to the way they work best. Leaders who develop this skill in themselves are most effective at recognising and creating environments that support their people and followers to thrive, leading to happier and more positive culture, higher performance and greater engagement.

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July - Are you bringing your talk alive?

A common criticism fired at leaders / managers / the directors from the people they lead or manage is about communication and lack of inspiration. Business language tends to be very neutral, and by its nature comes across fairly drab and dry. Effective leaders change their language and add in sensory riches to connect better with their audience and spark emotions and passions.

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Aug - Aligning with the person you want to be

One of the qualities of leaders that inspires others to follow them is the clarity of their example. Their words align with their actions. Their motives align with their stated values and beliefs. It is this alignment, this one-ness with themselves, that is so compelling. Few people achieve this state for themselves for any significant period of time. Consequently, those who do stand out from the rest and provide a direction and a certainty that is attractive to others who seek certainty for themselves. True leaders know themselves well, they know their strengths and weaknesses and are openly honest about them. It is this honesty with themselves which allows others to see the truth of what they stand for. This is at the core of being an authentic leader.

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Sep - Do you know your core values?

Leaders are leaders because of what they stand for. Their values shine out of them in everything they do. A leader has far-reaching influence when their thoughts and deeds are in harmony, through living their core values. By being at one with themselves, their energy and concentration is dedicated to whoever they are with or to whatever they take on as a challenge. By contrast, people who are caught up in inner turmoil and conflicted values have little resource to notice external opportunities.

A core value is a criterion you use as the basis for your decisions, no matter what the circumstances. These values show in the behaviour, choices and actions you take on a daily basis. Similarly, companies’ true values are demonstrated by people’s daily actions (and are often at odds with the stated corporate values!).

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Oct - What legacy are you leaving?

Our legacy is not only what we leave behind when we die. Our legacy is also what we leave behind when we leave a room, leave a meeting, leave a situation, leave a team, leave a company. Our legacy answers the question ‘what would be missing if I wasn’t present?’ Do other people unconsciously miss a sense of focus or energy or genuine caring, for example, when you leave or do they wipe their brow and say “thank goodness s/he’s gone!”

Leaders are defined by the value they add by being who they are.

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Nov - How can vulnerability support you to be a strong leader?

You may be wondering what vulnerability has to do with leadership. Leaders may be strong, yet their strength comes from knowing and facing their weaknesses. They choose these moments of truth as part of their learning path, not leaving it to others or circumstances to prompt them. Every part of who we are is a positive resource if we choose to face it, own it and harness it. If we leave stones unturned they become embedded and immovable.

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Dec - Are you stepping into their world? Preparing for a key interaction

Leaders are sensitive to the effect they are having on people around them. They know how to choose their language and behaviour to honestly influence their listeners, staff, or team in a particular way. Their intentions line up with the impact of what they do. In contrast, someone who fires from the hip in the way that they communicate only knows the impact of their communication when they see the results, which may not be what they intended. Influential leaders are able to put themselves on the receiving end of their own behaviour in order to know what effect they will have and to choose the best, honest and positive way to achieve the outcomes they want.

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